How To Overcome Pride

You may be having a hard time overcoming your pride. You are not alone; many people struggle with this every day. If you can relate to this, there are several tips and suggestions found below to help you get rid of your pride.
Many Christians are quick to point out that they are not proud of who they are. It exists in every single one of us. As long as we are alive, pride will live inside us, waiting for the right time to reveal its ugly face again. To assist you in overcoming pride, I have compiled a list of the top Christian books you must read if you truly want to develop the virtue of humble humility.

“Walden” by Randy Alcorn “Based on the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., this book is a great introduction to the idea of developing self-confidence and how it can help to overcome pride.” I enjoyed this book because it was exciting and taught me many different things. I learned about how pride can cause problems in relationships and how humility can help us overcome those problems. I also learned that there are both advantages and disadvantages to being a Christian, so I highly recommend this book if you have been struggling with self-confidence.

“Be It Or Break It” by Bob Proctor “Based on the life of Benjamin Franklin, this classic book is another excellent introduction to the idea of overcoming pride.” Again, this was very interesting and taught me many valuable lessons. It made me think about my self-confidence issues. If I were ever to have another confidence boost, I would reread this one. The Amazon rating is only 4.5 stars, so it may be hard to get past the bad reviews. I still, however, highly recommend this to anyone who is having problems with overcoming pride.
“The Pantsuit Attack” by Brian Tracy “I always looked up to myself when I was small because I always felt like I had to wear a dress to match my pants.” This quote from Tracy comes straight from his own life, which is quite humorous, and yet it helped me overcome pride. Tracy was able to draw me into learning humility because he kept it very real for me. The pantsuit attack is also an excellent text to share with your children because it teaches children that everyone doesn’t deserve our respect. When we treat others the way we want to be treated, we will find that we will act differently towards others.

“Shattered Dreams” by John van de Ruit “This book examines how a person can separate a person’s personal and spiritual side. De Ruit also analyses how the culture can sometimes get in the way of the inner spiritual self. This book can help people overcome their pride by showing them that they don’t have to choose between being proud and following their spirit. You can have your cake and eat it too. Van den Ruit encourages a person to take advantage of their blessings instead of constantly complaining about what they cannot do or experience. He shows that a proud person might sometimes miss out on what is truly important in their lives.

“The Opposable Mind” by James Ballack “How to Overcome Pride: A Guide to Cultivating Humility” by James Ballack – is another excellent book that will help someone overcome their pride. It will teach you that even though you have been conditioned into believing that you are not worthy of love or respect, that is not true! The author will show you that everyone can be unique, and nothing wrong with them if they use that ability.

One of my favorite books on this subject is “How to Overcome Pride: A Guide to Cultivating Humility” by James Ballack. This is another excellent book on this subject. In this book, he will show you that anyone can experience peace and happiness just by stepping back and looking at their situation from a different perspective. Everyone was created with a divine plan, and anyone can make their life full of joy and happiness. Anyone can overcome pride and be happy.

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